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Walls are no more a thing of Privacy

Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy AI

There is no such thing called privacy in this digital age. We killed privacy in our virtual environment (The Internet). Now researchers at MIT came up with an Artificial intelligence algorithm which can see through walls. 

Privacy Is Completely And Utterly Dead, And We Killed It  -Forbes

This algorithm generates a stick figure of the human on the other side of the wall. This technology, dubbed RF-Pose makes use of the wifi radio signals, bounces them through the walls and through people on the other side of the wall and analyze the patterns as they come back and create a bare-bones stick figure that matches the person’s pose and movements. It’s like how a bat sees by echolocation, except the “image” rendered in its head is a childish drawing.

The 2D image produced does not have a head, So if the system has never seen you before, it won’t know who you are. But after 100 participants trained the system, it could correctly identify which researchers were which 83 percent of the time, based on “their style of moving,” the researchers write.