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Now enable Snapchat Alpha without Root

Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy alpha

Snapchat is working on a major redesign for its app and also emphasising on speed. The alpha version was enabled in September by tweaking the app for rooted users.
Now with the latest update, you can try Snapchat Alpha on your phone. All you need to do is open Snapmap and visit Bermuda.

This method works if you are using the latest version of Snapchat (i.e Version Just follow these simple steps to try out Snapchat Alpha:

  • Pinch on the Snapchat viewfinder to zoom out and open the SnapMap.
  • Tap Search in the top left and type “Bermuda.” Select the first result.
  • Once you find Bermuda you will see a winking ghost on the island.
  • Tap the ghost and you will see a prompt to enter the Alpha.
  • The app will restart and you’ll be using the Alpha.



The alpha version of the app is faster when compared to the stable version of the app. Since it is still under development features like voice and video calling and snapcodes are missing. The app has a redesigned messaging UI and Profile. To get back to the stable version of the app just go to settings and disable it.