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Hands-on Lawnchair v2 pre alpha

Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy alpha

Lawnchair is a launcher based on Pixel Launcher and it was under development for almost a year now, The stable version was just released. Lawnchair developer David sn posted a picture of Lawnchair v2 and informed us that Lawnchair is going to get a prealpha soon and now the time has come. I got a chance to try version 2 of the app and i am pretty amazed.

While Lawnchair v1 look more like the older versions of pixel launcher, version 2 looks like the latest pixel launcher with a lot of customization options. The beta version is going to be available to masses in two weeks.

You can find the following sections in the settings page of the launcher

  • Theme
  • Desktop
  • Dock
  • App drawer
  • Backups

The options in the settings are pretty much the same as v1.


Under this section you will find options select the icon pack and also the Launcher theme. In v1 of the app the themes were limited to Light, Dark and Black. In v2 we have Auto, Auto (with OLED black), Light, Light (with dark text), Dark, Dark (with OLED black). And this section also has the Blur option which blurs few elements like the dock and the search bar.


At A Glance feature is added to the Desktop sections (users can disable it if the want to). At A Glance widget by default shows Day, Month and date but users can customize it to show only time or only date or both time and date. Changing grid size and icon size is also under this section.


Four Dock styles are added to this section. We have Rounded, Gradient(white gradient), Flat, Transparent. The search bar can also be added to the dock. 

App drawer

App drawer now has Display app suggestions option which shows the most used apps on the top of the app drawer. 


The app is still under development. I have used this launcher for a day now and the only issue I found is that the app drawer scroll is not smooth as expected. The app is buggy at the moment. Join the public beta that is going to be released two weeks from now and help the developers to fix the issues.