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Get Google's Night Sight on your Phone.

Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy AI

Google in a launch event on October 9 announced its third generation Pixel devices. Google Pixel is well known for having the best camera in the world of smartphones. They can take amazing Portrait photos and low light photos. In the launch, even Google announced about the feature Night Sight for its camera which will take amazing quality photos in low light. The feature is exclusive for pixel phones. But as always developer Arnova ported it for other phones as well.

How to Get Night sight working on your phone? 

  1. Check if camera2API is enabled on your phone.
    1. Install manual camera compatibility app from Play store.
    2. If all the tests are passed then you are good to go.
    3. If your phone fails to pass all the tests then you need to root your phone to enable camera2API.
  2. Download Google camera 6.1 port by Arnova. (Link)
  3. After installing the app give all the necessary permissions.
  4. You will see a horizontal scrollable menu, Night sight will be under more section.

The photos taken take some time to process and since google camera 6.1 port is still under work, not all the options are working on all the phones. The night sight pictures take some to shoot and you have to hold it still for some time.

The results are really promising. No other camera app can shoot such good photos in low light. The camera happens to enhance colours in the picture and makes it look like the picture has been taken under normal lighting conditions.

Note: The picture below are shot on Redmi Note 5 with Google camera 5.3 and Google camera 6.1(with Night sight).

Google Camera 5.3

Google Camera 6.1(with Night Sight)